Your company’s birthday

Your company’s birthday

Singing happy birthday can be more than a cake on a table. SMART SET will prepare an event in which the entire company is invited to blow the candles, for many years to come.

Dinner with show

Your company’s birthday dinner must be a landmark in everyone’s life. SMART SET will prepare the dinner and all the animations during it. If you prefer, we can create a theme, with decoration and activities.

A concert, a magic show or a small motivational talk are just some of the examples we can create to involve your collaborators. This way you’ll have an unforgettable event, until next year’s.


Award show

The recognition of the effort of your employees can be a unique event of your company. SMART SET can create the entire event from the invitation to the dinner and the award to be given.

Company meeting

The balance of activities or the start-up of a project are reasons to gather your employees in a single event. Check with us to create unforgettable moments for everyone.

Get to know ourKickoff meetings, Cycle meetings our Motivational talks as well.



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