Thematic Workshops are a way to motivate your employees, involving their children. For the younger ones, it’s a day well-spent. For the grown ups, it’s a real game.

What are Thematic Workshops?

Thematic Workshops are actions of internal motivation for your employees and for their children. The workshops aim to amuse the young and to create relationships between the parents.

For your company, it’s a way of showing concern for the welfare of employees and promoting family life, essential to professional life.

When can you hold a Thematic Workshop?

Thematic Workshops can be held at any time of the year. Workshops for important commemorative dates such as Carnival, Easter, Spring, summer, Christmas or your company’s anniversary can be designed.

The result is always the same: lots of fun for the kids and a different day for parents.

Organize a Thematic Workshop with SMART SET

Over the years, SMART SET has accumulated experience in this way of motivating the employees of many companies. To carry out these activities we design tasks for different ages, always with the accompaniment of qualified persons.

SMART SET’s Thematic Workshops can be combined with any teambuilding action of your company.


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