We try to incorporate technology into the team building activities and all the other events we organize. Today it’s important for your team to be familiar with new ways of working.

Real-Time manager, an application created by SMART SET

We believe that technology plays a key role in each company. We also believe that even in team building situations it is important that employees of a company can interact with technologies.

We created Real-time manager, a technology that allows employees of the company to perform tasks and supervise them through our application, created for tablet and smartphone. In this way, we stopped using paper to register team building actions, reducing our ecological footprint.

Automatic registration management

Organizing an event in your company does not have to consume its internal resources. We can assume the organization of people called for the event.

Using our knowledge in the field of new technologies, we can manage emails to your company’s employees. At the same time, we register those who accept the invitation, making the work of organizing the event easier.

For companies, access is facilitated through our platform, so that they can follow the evolution of attendances.

Our work is also intends on offering a complete service, including all the planning, preparation and implementation of the logistics on site.


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