In what situations do we incorporate technology in business events?

Smart Set created several technological solutions for business events with two objectives: to help during the event and to create moments of fraternization among the guests of a business event.


Real Time Manager

Real Time Manager is a technological application created by Smart Set for the management of team building events. The app works on smartphone and tablet and allows you to manage teams in real time and understand their progress in the various actions.



Smart Party, technology for fun

Smart Party is a customizable electronic game in which several teams can participate. The technological basis of this game allows you to customize it according to the time for the action, the questions, mimic or other actions to be performed.

In addition to the use of iPads, Smart Party is based on a set of audiovisual media. This is the most fun and technological way to apply in any business event, from a dinner to an indoor or outdoor team building action.


Digital Invitation

Any business event is just for guests, whether employees, suppliers or customers. The Smart Set has a technological base set up that allows inviting and managing responses. Monitoring becomes simpler for you, managing to more concretely predict the course of your business event.

In addition to sending it, Smart Set takes care of creating the invitation and can propose a concept.



Automatic registration management

Organizing an event in your company does not have to consume its internal resources. We can assume the organization of people called for the event.

Using our knowledge in the area of new technologies, we can manage the sending of emails to the guests of your company. At the same time, we register those who accept the invitation, making the work of organizing the event easier.

For companies, access is facilitated through our platform, so that they can follow the evolution of attendances.

Our work is also intends on offering a complete service, including all the planning, preparation and implementation of the logistics on site.


Digital check-in

Smart Set simplified the check-in process for guests at your business event. We use technology to control the arrival of guests. Thus, in addition to knowing in real time the number of people attending the event, we reduced the use of paper.




Satisfaction surveys

At all business events we organize, we conduct satisfaction surveys on participants. This is a simple way to understand the aspects most appreciated by everyone.

But not just that. Satisfaction surveys allow your company to have people’s opinions on, for example, the values you want to convey. The surveys are carried out through a technological platform.

In this way, we always know what we can improve on.

Make your event with Smart Set.


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