Mascot creation

Why create your company’s mascot?

The creation of a company’s mascot is a way of making the essence and personality of an institution material. The creation of the mascot can be in real size, with the possibility of a person “dressing it” or in another size to be offered to participants in business events.

In addition to creating the mascot, Smart Set can also help to develop the materialization of your company logo in the most diverse materials. To do this, we have a creative team that will help to meet your expectations.

In what situations can you use the mascot?

After creating the mascot for your company you can use it in the most diverse situations. For example, during a team building action, the mascot can be a way for your employees to internalize the company’s values. At a fair, the mascot can be a way to distribute communication or to attract more customers to your stand.

Talk to us and we promise to impress with the creation of your company’s mascot.

Make your event with Smart Set.

Mascot Creation
Mascot Creation
Mascot Creation


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