Concept and theme

What does concept creation consist of?

The concept of a business event – team building, cycle meeting, kickoff meeting – is an aggregating element of all the activities to be accomplished.

The concept allows you to communicate consistently with your company’s employees before, during and after an event. The concept can be expressed in the invitation email, in the presence confirmation email, in communication materials during the event – such as roll-ups, space decoration, t-shirt customization, accreditation, staff characterization – or in gifts for all the team.

The creation of the concept of your business event contributes to making the meeting an action to remember for many years.

Example of event creation.

For a cycle meeting, a client wanted to send the message that it was with team effort that the best result was achieved. That if everyone worked in the same direction, it would be easier to get to the podium.
Because of this goal the concept of the Olympics was proposed.

Due to this, the collaborators wereinvited through a papyrus scroll, the team building activities had the Olympic motto “faster, taller, stronger” and there was even a podium with the best teams andlaurel wreathsfor all participants. In order for the concept to be “completed”, a dinner was held withGreek cuisine, from the country where the Olympics originated.

Other business event themes.

Smart Set has already held other events with different themes or concepts. For example, we have already created the 70’s event, in which the entire atmosphere of the event alluded to that period of the 20th century.

Whatever the theme, the Smart Set gives the ideas! Talk to us.

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