Launching a new product or brand is two situations in which creating a differentiator event is of great importance, as it can help with recognition and sales.

How do we organise the inauguration of companies?

For Smart Set, your company’s inauguration begins before the event. We meet with you to understand your expectations, the number of guests and the follow-up of all the moments (cocktail, flywheel meal, speech, among others). This first step is important to ensure that everything runs as expected and to create an unforgettable event.

What means do we include to make this event unforgettable?

Launching products and brands is a key moment for any company. For this reason, we have included a set of audiovisual services, such as photographic and video reporting and sound system for speeches, for example. So that you can later remember this unique moment and share it, for example, on your company’s website and social networks.

Product and brand launch events may include other important services such as catering. Smart Set handles everything. We contact the catering company and the staff, so everything is perfect. We also have dietary options for vegetarians or for people with allergies to certain foods.

What other services can we include for the inauguration of companies?

Launching products and brands without guests does not have the same impact. And thinking about it, Smart Set has a platform to send and confirm electronically the people who participate in the inauguration. These emails can be customized in a variety of ways to meet what you want.

But we can do more for this event. We can create a set of communication materials, such as roll-ups, backwalls, photo frames or other distinctive elements. These can follow the concept that led to the creation of the brand or product. Or we can create a new concept for the presentation. Talk to us and get ready to surprise the guests.


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