The reason to join the workers of your company can only be the realization of playful activities that reinforce the team spirit and socialization. Inside out outside, we have the right activities for a more united team.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor activities?

The answer is simple.

Indoor activities are carried out inside a space. They are limited to the conditions of the place where they are held, to the number of people participating in the activities, among other factors.

Outdoor activities are carried out in an outdoor space. It can be a green space on a property or in contact with nature. When carried out abroad, activities can become more interesting for the whole team.

Although there may be weather limitation, it is outside that the teams engage and participate more intensely, possibly due to leaving their “comfort zone”.

Indoor or outdoor. Which one to choose?

The choice of the type of activity may have as a limitation the budget, the place, the meteorology or the age of the employees of your company.

More than choosing whether to do the activity inside or outside, select the skills you want to develop. They will be the basis for a proposal designed for you.

What skills can be worked?

During an indoor or outdoor activity, there are many skills that can be worked out. At SMART SET we give all the attention to 14 fundamental skills in all companies. With those skills as a starting point, we can propose a set of activities, adapting them to your needs.

Developed skills.
• Communication
• Effort Management
• Focus on the task
• Trust
• Criatividade
• Leadership
• Task management
• Stress management
• Team Coordination
• Teamwork
• Strategy
• Troubleshooting
• Task Definition
• Concentration


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