Launch of brands or products

The launch of a new product or brand are two situations in which the creation of a differentiating event takes on great importance, since it can help recognition and sales. Smart Set is the partner to hold these types of events with confidence.

How do we organize the launch of products and brands?

Smart Set recognizes the importance for companies of launching a new product or brand. The first step is to listen to the customer, trying to understand what you want to organize for this business event.

After this step, we manage with our suppliers with regard to communication materials, catering, audiovisual equipment or other aspects that may be important.

What means do we include to make this event unforgettable?

At the customer’s request, Smart Set manages the event thoroughly. In addition to audiovisual services, photographic and video reporting, hostess can be at the event to receive guests, as well as a team responsible for everything going as planned.

What other services can we include for launching products and brands?

Launching products and brands without guests does not have the same impact. And with that in mind, Smart Set has a platform to electronically send and confirm the people participating in the inauguration. These emails can be customized in a variety of ways to meet what you want.

But we can do more for this event. We can create a set of communication materials, such as roll-ups, backwalls, photo frames or other distinctive elements. These can follow the concept that led to the creation of the brand or product. Or we could create a new concept for the presentation. Talk to us and get ready to surprise your guests.

Make your event with Smart Set.

Launch of brands or products
Launch of brands or products
Launch of brands or products


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