Family Day or Open Day

What is a family day or open day?

Your company doesn’t live alone. It depends on your employees, the community you are in, your customers or suppliers.
Organizing a family day or an open day helps give more visibility to what you do and motivate your employees.

Who is family dayfor?

Family day, as its name implies, is intended for the family of its employees. In this type of business event you can organize a set of playful activities involving parents and children, managing to create greater unity between all.

For your company, it’s a way of showing concern for the welfare of employees and promoting family life, essential to professional life.

The Smart Set services for family day.

During a family day you can have catering, audiovisual recording, learning activities or teambuilding activities for all workers and their families. To the youngest, you can have differente traditional games, inflatables or animation.

The presence of hostesses, the creation of communication materials for the day or offers are other elements that may be present on family day. Smart Set has a team that can create and produce everything you need to make this day even more special.

Who is open dayfor?

Open day is a way to open your business to the community. These types of events are effective for showing the production process, your teams or facilities. Guests can be customers, partners, or even the local community.

How can Smart Set help your business on an open day?

To make an open day unforgettable, Smart SetPara takes care of everything that is necessary: creation and sending of invitations (digital or physical), catering, hostesses, communication materials, souvenirs for all guests and other necessities of the event.

Your employees can’t be forgotten either. For them we can carry out differentteam building activitiesor other type of engagement actions.

Make your event with Smart Set.

Family Day or Open Day
Family Day or Open Day
Family Day or Open Day


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