Organizing an event on your company is possible without altering the routine of your collaborators. These actions can be team building inside the company headquarters, either in offices or other areas. Know our suggestions

How do we make an event inside your company?

Organizing a team building action outside of the company’s space can bring problems to the normal functioning of your business. Because of this, Smart Set can create actions of collaborator involvement within the workplace.

Involve your collaborators with a tight budget

Since actions inside the company decrese the effort of, for example, sending your workers to other locations, it’s possible to reduce the costs of this type of motivational actions.

Using the company’s headquarters or equipments – such as computers, common rooms and other elements – can be necessary to motivate your team. An example of this type of actions is the placement of messages in strategic spots of the company. Workers may be asked to interact with those messages so as too interiorize a new positioning, new values or a new corporate goal.

Use your facilities and achieve great results.

Smart Set has done actions inside companies, and the results are great for companies and collaborators alike. If you wish, you can combine this type of involvement and team building actions with others. Check with us and ask for a budget.


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