Activities for this Easter

The end of the trimester is the right time to perform teambuilding activities with your employees. SMART SET selected some activities for this Easter.

Outdoor Activities


This outdoor activity develops teamwork, task assignment and team and result sacrfice skills.

All together, your collaborators must unite to achieve a goal: to fill a water pipe faster than it empties.


Balance demans task definition, concentration and effort management from your workers.

In this activity, the goal is to balance 5 people on a board for 5 seconds, without the board touching the ground.


Snooker develops your workers’ skills incommunication, effort management, teamwork, strategy and leadership.

To accomplish the activity, the team must have a ball go through a board, moving to another one and then into a basket, without touching the ground.

Indoor Activities


To work on this competence, SMART SET can build an activity whose objective is to analyze, develop and improve the communicative capabilities of each employee. Your employees must create a communication chain, where everyone should share the information in a clear way.

The goal is to construct an object, as it presents itself at the beginning of the communication chain.


Promoting teamwork is central to the structure of your company.

SMART SET suggests the Domino activity. This activity implies that one or several groups of your company’s workers organize themselves and do a correct management of the available time.

The goal is to build a path using several domino pieces.


All organizations face unexpected problems in their day to day that need to be resolved immediately.

SMART SET suggests the Chest activity. As a team, your employees will have to open a chest, having to test the various keys to open the locks.

This activity works competences such as teamwork and stress management, to fulfill all goals.


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