If you want to take a quarterly, semester or annual balance, a cycle meeting is important for your company. During these meetings it may be necessary to strengthen the leadership or improve the communication within your team.

What is a Cycle Meeting?

A Cycle Meeting is done in a quarter year, trimestr, semester or annually – in this case it is given the name of annual meeting. It’s a meeting between a team or all the teams of a company. This meeting can take on a purely informative and formative component or have a more playful component with the aim of stimulating team spirit or promoting change within the company.

What is a Cycle Meeting for?

A cycle meeting – or annual meeting – serves to take stock of the company’s activity over a period of time. You can also join the goals of a kickoff meeting. In this way, all teams can be more ready for the rest of the year, leading the company to meet its goals.

For their periodicity, many companies take advantage of cycle meetings to do their team buildingactivities.

Make your Cycle Meeting with SMART SET

Joining your company’s team does not have to be done only during a lunch, a dinner or a training weekend. It is an opportunity to strengthen the Union among all people, to do indoor or outdoor activities.

The result of a Cycle Meeting with SMART SET for your company are motivated people, unforgettable moments and important values communicated.

Learn about the skills worked in each team buildingaction. In addition to the team building component, SMART SET can create the concept of the Cycle Meeting and take care of all the logistics – a complete solution that meets your company’s needs.


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